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German POWs

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Ernst Koening

Ernst Koening was drafted into the German Army in 1944, and was captured by American Forces in Germany in March, 1945. He was then taken by truck and train to France, passing within 100 yards of his family home on the journey. He then boarded a Liberty ship bound for New York and then Boston. Then he was taken by train to Algona, arriving several days after the war with Germany ended.

During his time as a prisoner, Koening worked harvesting peas, turnips, and corn, and canning vegetables.

When Koening returned to Europe in 1946, he was put to work in France, working in a mine from January 2, 1946 until November 10, 1948. He was finally allowed to return to Germany on the 18th of November, 1948.

Ernst Koening does not have a photo on file, if you have one please contact us!

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