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German POWs

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Kurt Schilowsky

Kurt Schilowsky was captured by American forces in the Rhineland in May, 1945. He was held at Camp Algona from May to November, 1945. He worked at the Faribault, Minnesota Branch Camp picking peas and corn. He also spent some time at a camp in Grand Forks, South Dakota, where he and his fellow POWs were lodged in a high school gymnasium.

At the time of his capture, Schilowsky was only 19 years old, and felt the depression of being away from his home and family. However, he felt well treated by the Americans, and remembered being able to attend shows at the camp theater as well as other enjoyable leisure activities.

Before returning to Germany, Schilowsky spent time in France at a seminary for PWs. When he returned home, he was ordained as a priest.


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