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Alex Funke

Alex Funke was captured in Africa in 1943 and sent to Camp Concordia, Kansas. There he met American Chaplain Tragout Herbener, who asked him to accompany him to Camp Algona. Funke served as German Chaplain while he was at Camp Algona, and made many trips to the various branch camps in that capacity.

Funke's ministry in the camp quickly grew, and a makeshift chapel was created in an unused barracks in the prisoner compound. He also worked to procure sporting equipment, tools, and art supplies for prisoners to use in their leisure time.

Following the war, Funke returned to Germany and became a Lutheran Minister. He also maintained a cordial correspondence with Lt. Col. Lobdell, the former camp commander. Below is a complete interview with Funke, including many personal stories from his time in Algona.

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