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Alfred Mueller

Alfred Mueller was taken prisoner by British forces in Tunisia in 1943. He was transferred to American custody and shipped to America on a Liberty ship, arriving at Newport News, Virginia. After an overland trip by train to the Midwest, Mueller spent time in POW camps in Indianola and Algona, Iowa, and Greeley, Colorado.

Mueller found the conditions at Algona quite agreeable, as the prisoners received plenty of food. Like all PWs, Mueller received pay at 10 cents an hour in coupons which he could use at the exchange to buy luxuries such as tobacco, beer, and personal items. He also would go to occasional movies at the camp theater.

While at Camp Algona, Mueller worked in the cold storage facility, receiving the camp's dairy deliveries and other perishable goods.

Following the war, Mueller returned to Germany for a time, but eventually received sponsorship to return to America, making his home in Faribault, Minnesota.

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