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Wubbo Freesemann

Wubbo Freesemann was captured in June, 1944 at Cherbourg, France. He was shipped to America on board a converted ocean liner and arrived in New York Harbor. From there he was taken by train to Iowa and arrived at Camp Algona in mid-July.

While at Camp Algona, Freesemann worked detasseling and weeding nearby corn fields. He spent time at the Eldora, Iowa Branch Camp working in a turkey processing plant in nearby Marshalltown, Iowa. He also worked digging holes for telephone poles, processing corn in Blue Earth, Minnesota, and harvesting at several farms.

Freesemann received a rare opportunity due to his imprisonment in Iowa. His half-brother, Hiebo, had emigrated to Iowa before Wubbo was born, and due to the help of the American guards, the two were able to meet for the first time. The two met once a month for the remainder of Wubbo's imprisonment.

Freesemann returned to Germany in 1946 and was reunited with his parents. However, of the 4 sons who left the Freesemann home for war, Wubbo was the only one to return.

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